Ontario Goreans Start Axe Throwing Team

Always poised, even carrying a throwaxe

Last week we had several Goreans decide to try their hand at axe throwing! We loved it so much, we inquired about the possibility of establishing our own team to compete in a league. The league will run Tuesday evenings at the Granite Club on Agnes Street in Kitchener.


We are looking for Masters and slaves to participate! Our Axe Throwing Leagues run for 8 weeks, the first week being round robin to get the hang of the league, format and scoring system. You don’t have to purchase any equipment.

Master Hans firing away

An informal time weekly to socialize with other Goreans, enjoy some friendly competition, exercise and conversation.

The lovely slave Rachel taking aim


Master Robert focused on the bullseye
Master said “No running with axes!!!”


Master Dave and slave Janelle

If interested, please contact Rocker to sign up and get all the information.


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