Possible Webcast Coming about Consent Violations and Sexual Assault

A few years ago, the Southern Ontario Leather Association (SOLA) held a “BDSM and the Law Roundtable” discussion. Waterloo Regional Police Services was invited, and it was very well received by a large turnout of everyone attending.

0004b2c3-adc0-f833-9ca2-916020d3dd89_110I have been discussing lately with some others from the Ontario Gorean Assembly about hosting another discussion with the Waterloo Regional Police Services; but this time making it a public webcast, later to be a YouTube educational video. I would like to include the WRPS Sexual Assault Unit as well to participate.
There have been numerous incidences lately happening within the Gorean community, and it would be good to get the legal and Law perspective. Phone calls have been made to set up some appointments, thanks again to precious and Dave for getting the ball rolling.
More news to follow over the next few weeks.

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