Gorean Slave Positions

The Ontario Gorean Assembly is very pleased to introduce the very lovely kajira,  Joy, a close friend of Rocker and a regular visitor to our Assembly. She has been interested in helping to facilitate an education component for kajirae to learn the demonstrative forms of service.

Gorean Slave Positions demonstrated by the lovely kajira – Joy


BARA Gorean slave Position

Hitherto she had been lying on her belly in the straw, her head turned to the side, in bara, her wrists crossed behind her, with her ankles crossed, as well. It is a common holding, and helplessness, position for a slave. In it, of course, she is positioned perfectly for a swift and secure binding.
Swordsmen of Gor  Page 370


BELLY Gorean slave Position

“Stop”, he said. “To your belly”.
Then I was on my belly, on the tiles, my hands at the sides of my body, prone, before the curule chair.
Kajira of Gor  Page 427


BRACELETS Gorean slave Position

She put her head in the air, and placed her hands behind her back.
Hunters of Gor  Page 146


CAPTURE Gorean slave Position

He thought she looked well on her back, in what is referred to as the “capture position.” In this position, the captive locked in the arms of the captor, the captor can assess and enjoy the least nuance of expression in the captive’s countenance. This position, too, is enjoyed by many masters with their slaves.
Kur of Gor Page  85



COLLAR Gorean slave Position

“Collar!” I snapped.
Instantly she faced me, holding her hands slightly behind her, and lifted her chin.
In this position the collar may be conveniently read.
Swordsmen of Gor  Page 17


DISPLAY Gorean slave Position

“Have that one stand, to be examined,” said a man.
“Cotina, stand, examination position!” snapped Targo.
Cotina stood, her legs widely spread, her head back, her hands clasped behind the back of her neck. It is hard for a woman to move from this position and she must be concerned with her balance. The subtle adjustments and tenseness required to maintain her balance keep her even more helplessly in place, and these adjustments and this tenseness will also be expressed in her posture, providing body-language cues bespeaking obedience and servitude. Too, obviously this posture bares her vulnerably, and her hands cannot interfere with the examination. The position of the arms, the hands clasped behind the back of the neck, or, sometimes, behind the back of the head, lifts the bosom, exhibiting it beautifully.
Prize of Gor  Page 247


Gorean Bow
GOREAN BOW Gorean slave Position

He then seized her by the hair with both hands and yanked her up on her knees and bent her backwards, until her head was at the grass, exhibiting the bow of her captured beauty for his fellows.
Savages of Gor  Page 219


Hair Leading
HAIR / LEADING Gorean slave Position

“I looked at the girl. I nodded to her to approach me. She did so. I held my left hand open, at my waist. She stiffened, and looked at me, angrily. I opened and closed my left hand once. I saw her training in Gorean customs had been thorough. But she never thought that such a gesture would be used to her. She came beside me, and a bit behind me, and, crouching, put her head down, deeply. I fastened my hand in her hair. She winced. Women are helpless in this position.”
Beasts of Gor  Page 409


High Harness
HIGH HARNESS Gorean slave Position

“Split your knees,” he said. “More widely.”
“Lift your head,” he said. “Higher. Higher!”
She looked up at him, her head far back, the leash on her throat.
“You need not now keep your head in high-harness position,” he said to the girl.
She moved her head.
Mercenaries of Gor  Page 309


Kneeling To The Whip
KNEELING TO THE WHIP Gorean slave Position

“Kneel to the whip!” said Samos.
Piteously she knelt, a slave girl. Her wrists were crossed under her, as though bound, her head was to the floor, the bow of her back was exposed.
Marauders of Gor  Page 13


LESHA Gorean slave Position

 “Lesha”, he said. Immediately, responsive to this command, I flung my wrists beghind me, separated by some two inches, and lifted my chin, my head turned to the left.
Dancer of Gor  Page 365


NADU Gorean slave Position

“Nadu!” he snapped.
She swiftly turned, facing him, and dropped to her knees. She knelt back on her heels, her back straight, her hands on her thighs, her head up, her knees wide.
It was the position of the pleasure slave.
Explorers of Gor  Page 77


Obeisance Prostrate
OBEISANCE / PROSTRATE Gorean slave Position

I pointed to the sand before me.
She immediately, frightened, dropped to her knees and again put her head down to the sand, the palms of her hands, too, on the sand.
Vagabonds of Gor  Page 205


SHE-QUADRUPLED Gorean slave Position

In this form of slavery, which is commonly used for disciplinary purposes, or for the amusement of the Master, the woman is not permitted to arise from all fours; similarly she is not permitted human speech, though she may signify needs and desires by such means as cringing, and moaning and whimpering. Not permitted the use of her hands, save as a means of locomotion, she must also eat and drink from pans set on the floor, or, sometimes to satisfy her thirst, she must lap the water permitted to her from puddles or lick spillages from the tiles; too, it is not uncommon to chain her near her master’s feet, while he dines, that he may, if he wishes, throw her scraps of food. She will also be taught tricks, through which paces she may be put for the entertainment of her master’s guests, such things as begging, lying down, rolling over, and fetching his sandals in her teeth. And, needless to say, when her master wishes to use her sexually, it will be a position common to the she-quadruped.”
Guardsman of Gor  Page 225


She Sleen
SHE-SLEEN Gorean slave Position

“Down on all fours,” he said.
“Master?” I said.
“You are now in the modality of the she-sleen,” he said.
I went down to all fours, looked up at him, and whimpered, questioningly. One can do much with noises, expressions, and attitudes of the body. Does not any pet animal know that?
“Yes,” he said. “You are now in the modality of the she-sleen.”
I put my head down, on the leash.
I was now in the modality of the she-sleen. One is denied an upright posture. One moves on all fours, or squirms on one’s belly. One may kneel, but not rise to one’s feet. One is denied human speech. One sound or whimper, as in gag signals, signifies “Yes,” and two sounds or whimpers, again, as in gag signals, signifies “No.” One feels very helpless in this slave modality. And few slave modalities better convince one that one is a slave.
Plunder of Gor  Page 644


slave lips
SLAVE LIPS Gorean slave Position

A girl who is commanded to make slave lips, or who receives the command, “Slave lips,” must form her mouth for kissing. She then, commonly, is not permitted to break this lip position until either she kisses or is kissed. Needless to say, a girl cannot speak when her lips are in the unbroken, fully-pursed slave-lips position. The command which commonly follows the “Slave-lips” command is, “Please me.”
Blood Brothers of Gor  Page 111


STAND Gorean slave Position

“‘Stand as a slave,’ he said. I stood beautifully, back straight, head high, belly sucked in, hip turned. No woman can stand more beautifully than as a Gorean slave girl.”
Slave Girl of Gor  Page 249



SUBMISSION Gorean slave Position

“Submit,” I told them.
They knelt before me, back on their heels, head down, arms lifted and extended, wrists crossed as though for binding.
“I submit myself,” said each, in turn.
They need not be bound. They need not be collared. They need not even have spoken. The posture of submission itself, assumed by them before me, constituted them my slaves. They were now mine.
Hunters of Gor  Page 182



SULA Gorean slave Position

“Sula, Kajira!” said the man.
She slid her legs from under her and lay on her back, her hands at her sides, palms up, her legs open.
Explorers of Gor Page 77




TOWER Gorean slave Position

“Your knees!” said the Lady Bina.
“Mistress?” said the slave.
“Should they not be spread?”
“She is in the presence of a free woman,” said Cabot. “It is thus appropriate that she kneels in the Tower position.”
Kur of Gor  Page 342


USAGE Gorean slave Position



“Put your head down, to the floor”, he said. “Clasp your hands firmly, behind the back of your neck”.
“Yes, Master”, I moaned.
He was then behind me. He put his hands, under my arms, on my breasts, sweetly and firmly. Then he moved his hands back, caressing my flanks. My head was down. My fingers were together, behind the back of my neck. I was in his collar. It was steel. I belonged to him.
Kajira of Gor  Page 434



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