Last of Our Monthly Gor Saga Books Series Giveaway!


The Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly, along with and the Gorean Gathering Place have been holding a random draw once a month for a chance to win a new Gor Book! For many months, we have been running a random draw on for an entire week. It has been a random draw to win one of the Gor Books Saga series printed by Open Road Integrated Inc..
We are continuing to give Books of the Gor Saga away each month, and are presently giving away the 34th Book – Plunder of Gor , and each month proceed to give away a new Book of the following publication in numerical order. We will be giving away the entire Gor Book series in order. The contest will run for three years until we reach the last Book published.
The contest runs the first week of each month, it will be a random draw, and is open to anyone in good standing with either the Gorean Gathering Place or the Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly.

This is the last month,  (August 2019) when we will give away our last Book, the 34th Book – Plunder of Gor. It has been a priviledge and encouraging time to share in providing more people to learn and grow about the knowledge of Gor. Thank you to everyone who has participated!


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