Some Tips When Attending A Gorean Gathering

Gorean Gatherings across the world are varied and different in appearance and structure. Every Gorean Gathering is different from the next. Some differ due to venue, restrictions of location, or personal organiser preferences. Others differ due to ideology, criteria of admittance or even age.
There are basically 3 different forms of a Gorean Gathering –
* Informal Gatherings at a restaurant or bar.
These would be similar to a munch in the kink world. Quiet discussions about Gor around a table, ordering food and beverages, and being very discreet. Being held in a public establishment, clothing is required.
* Informal Gatherings at a private venue or hotel.
These are traditionally more relaxed; oftentimes slaves wear silks or tunics, serves are encouraged and entertainment is arranged through forms of dances, songs, and music. The discussion is more open, and many of these Informal Gatherings have an education element incorporated into the schedule. Some times nudity is allowed, and a few are more sex positive.
Informal Gatherings at a private residence.
Similar to those above being held at a private venue or hotel, these are more relaxed and free flowing. Slaves are encouraged to wear silks or tunics, traditional rituals and protocols openly apply, and rules on nudity and sex positive activities vary depending on the owners of the house. These are very relaxed settings, and oftentimes overnight arrangements can be made.
The following are some tips when attending a Gorean Gathering –
1. If you are shy or new, get there a few minutes early before most arrive, to introduce yourself to the hosts and relax before everything begins. This will help calm nerves, and is less intimidating than walking in to a room full of people.
2. Message the hosts before attending, asking questions about what is expected and rules. It is always encouraged to know in advance whether or not silks or tunics are allowed, what is the topic of discussion, or whether or not you should bring something if it is a potluck, etc..
3. Each Gorean Gathering is different. As already mentioned, oftentimes venue, location and purpose of a Gorean Gathering is different from city to city, and even host to host. Some are more casual and laid back, others are noisy and full of activities. Ask in advance, and plan accordingly. Everyone is always encouraged to go at their own pace and comfort level.
4. Remember your station. When attending a Gorean Gathering, always remember that slaves are to be pleasing and respectful. Simple courtesy and manners go along way in leaving a positive impression. If you are attending as a single, unowned slave; I would suggest mingling and sitting with other slaves to ask questions and make friends first.
5. Consent and Courtesy matter. Understand the everyone is attending of their own free will and respect and courtesy should be expected of everyone. If you are a slave, consent and safety come first. Almost all Gorean Gatherings are safe places to fellowship and network with other Goreans. (There are a couple of Gatherings I would not recommend due to numerous past incidences). Avoid any Gatherings where consent and courtesy are ignored and admonished.
6. Come with the attitude to make friends. Listen to conversations, ask questions, and participate at your comfort level. Relax and enjoy the company, the atmosphere and event. Offer to help out, or introduce yourself to others. Networking is key to finding support and encouragement with others of likemind in your journey.