The never ending saga of Gor and BDSM

Are Gorean principles outside of the realm of BDSM? Are there similarities between the two? Are there some parallel ideals and overlap of practices and definitions. We will explore all these topics, as well as some personal experiences shared by our Keynote Speaker – Alec Purves.

What Is the ‘Gorean Philosophy?

This will be a seminar explaining in detail what is involved in the Gorean Philosophy. It will cover the key elements and explain the meaning behind each principle. It will be presented by Alec Purves.

The Legalities of having a Master/slave relationship

We will discuss many topics including What Is Consent, Ownership of a slave, Privacy Laws and Individual Freedom under the Canadian Charter of Rights. Facilitated by Alec Purves and Yvonne Schricker.

Moving from Online to Real Life

Diane Vicjunik well share her heart warming personal story of being online for many years, then deciding to search out a local Gorean Master. She will share the inner working of her marriage, having a Master (not her husband) and living openly in the local community.

Discipline or Punishment

Roger Schricker will share this topic and his ideals on corporal punishment and ways to accomplish discipline in a Household. You may be surprised on some of the methods he uses!

The Dance

Bridgitte will share many different forms of dance, and the meanings behind the movements. This is open expression and practice. Participation is highly suggested in this seminar.

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