History of the Gorean Community

In 1966, the first Book of the Gor Book series, Tarnsman of Gor  was published. From the early beginnings, people have gathered together to share and discuss their interest and opinions about the Book series.
It wasn’t until after publication of the 5th Book (Assassin of Gor -1970) or the 6th Book (Raiders of Gor -1971), that people started to meet in earnest on a more regular basis. Gor Book discussion groups were found on many campuses, some dating back to the 1970’s. Back then, there was no Gatherings, just people meeting regularly to discuss and share opinions on the Book series.
There was a publication called Tarnish Steel, ran by Gerard, which printed from 1978 through to 1990. At its most successful point, he was mailing a little over 1000 copies, and his total list reached 2200 people.
As years went by; in the 1980’s some people adapted to calling themselves ‘Goreans’, and started meeting to focus and come up with some clear definitions what it meant to call oneself Gorean. As more Books were published, the Gorean Philosophy and Lifestyle began to emerge from the pages of the Book series. People began to meet in small gatherings to discuss, debate and define  what is today commonly accepted and recognised as the Gorean Philosophy and Lifestyle.
With small groups and individuals beginning to identify as Goreans, people began to establish more formal meetings and events. These became known as Gorean Gatherings.
The first known Gorean Gathering was held in 1981.  It was at an overnight beach Gathering held at Newport Beach, Long Island, New York. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, many informal and formal Gorean Gatherings were held in places like Long Island NY, Colorado, Oklahoma, Boston, Texas, Washington State, Michigan, Ontario, and possibly overseas.
It was around this time, in 1995,  Wulfgarr hosted an annual Gorean event named  Gorfest began a very unique weekend long event with a SCA theme, that ran for many years. During their very successful and positive run of many years, , several hundreds of people have attended one or more of their events located outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.
By the mid-90’s, online Gor was growing in popularity, with people being attracted to Gor in chatrooms, such places as Palace chatrooms, IRC chatrooms, and Silk and Steel. A large majority of today’s Goreans originated from online groups. One of the advantages of the internet, it became easier for Goreans to find each other, and many good discussions began dealing with Gorean Philosophy and Lifestyle issues.
Two of the online forums started promoting a few Gorean Gatherings offline in the late 1990’s, early 2000’s;  based more on a philosophical focus – some Gorean based Yahoo groups and a group called Silk and Steel. There was a regular Yahoo meetings happening in Washington State at the Wet Spot in Seattle, as well as regular meetings in Oklahoma and Colorado. Silk and Steel held some Gatherings as well, before it’s spectacular demise due to infighting and individual egos.
More research being done presently. Updated and new information will be published when verified……