The Gorean Lifestyle


Lifestyle is expressed in both work and leisure behavior patterns and in activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, and values. It also reflects people’s self image or self concept; the way they see themselves and believe they are seen by others. Lifestyle is a composite of motivations, needs, and wants and is influenced solely by the principles and ideals mentioned throughout the Gor Book series.

    Goreans stress the importance to one’s position. You are either Free or slave.
    Goreans stress the importance of responsibility. The Master for his slave; protection, teaching and ownership. The slave for her Master; being pleasing, meeting his needs and obeying his wishes.
    Goreans stress the importance on ownership. A slave is a Master’s property, owned and Collared.

Goreans stress the importance on culture. The distinct way that people, who live differently, classify and represent their experiences, and acted creativity. These include relating to artistic, social pursuits or events considered to be valuable and important. It is a straightforward and openly Master/slave relational dynamic. Some of the more visible demonstrative impressions would include such things as the Collar, structure, protocols, traditions and daily rituals such as slave dances, slave positions, and mannerisms.