The Natural Order

Our-PhilosophyThroughout the Books series, we see that men and women are not equal. Men are generally considered to be stronger, more dominant and influential. Women were considered to be nurturers, submissive and of service. It must be noted that there were exceptions to the general rule, such as Free women and Panther girls, although they are the exceptions. Women were not looked on as being inferior, but that they had an important key part in society.
The Natural Order extends beyond just the sexes. It was instrumental and a pivotal part of everyday societal structure among the Castes.

  • Slave Morality
    Society designates everyday decisions and practices as either good or evil.
    Oftentimes this comes from a moral or religious overtone that is being ruled by outside influences and control, or being dictated to by  others morals or opinions. If you are influenced or ordered to follow someone else’s guidance, opinion or practice, you are following a slave’s morality. If you issue someone else to follow your way of thinking or living, you are practicing a slave’s morality. To follow or lead someone else to abandon their own path, direction or thought – That is known as slave morality.


  • Master Morality
    Gorean Philosophy practices and recognises individualistic expression and living by sheer force of will, known as Ubermensch. Each individual can live a life without any moral constraints. Goreans do not look at situations as good or evil; but simply as right or wrong. His limits are set only by himself, the Laws of the land, the Codes of his identified Caste, or by the sword of others.


To give no quarter, talk shit =get hit, individualistic yet communal, a nomad but still a citizen of a Home Stone. That is a master’s morality.